Thank you for your interest in our offer. We would like to introduce you to our goals and ideas that have driven us in our work, as well as to the people with whom we have been privileged to work with. Since the very beginning we have strived to combine top-notch design with quality so as to keep our customers satisfied with our services and our everlasting willingness to meet the most ambitious of expectations. Our ever-present need to perfect all processes and concepts has always been a reflection of our characters and a beacon for our future development. We have always tried to enrich our professional every-day lives with as much creativity as possible, because we believe that the creative process we partake in finds its reflection in the quality of our products. Not for a moment have we stopped seeking to improve out competencies, by following the most recent interior design trends and looking for inspiration. It’s been our idée fixe in both private and professional life, and now we would like to share it with you.


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ul. Fabryczna 45

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